I have a number of cafepress shops set up, selling a range of my designs on items of clothing, household goods, clocks, pillows, stationary and other products. Please follow the links below to visit the shops.

Dashinvaine's Shop

Templar design


Celtic design


Gothic products

Decaying Lilith

The demoness

Gothic Monument

A queenly tomb

Shop of the Desert

Egyptian Sarcophagus

RAF Roundel

RAF logo and Spitfires


Spooky but cute chap

Ship of Death

The haunted schooner

Tut Gold Mask


Fairy Sleeps

Away with the Fairies

Venetian Romance

La Serenissima

Mermaid's Perch


Beached Mermaid

Dusk Mermaid


Available in Dashinvaine's Shop: In The Rosewindow Emporium: In Venetian Romance:
In Mermie:
Other Shops and Novel Products

Skeleton Hands

Gothic t-shirt

A God is for Life...

Not Just for Christmas

'Hug a Tory' hoodie Mermaid Logo
Christmas Card Shops
Christmas Elves Christmastree Man Cool Snowman Snowy Scene with Church